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As a food justice organization, we believe that individuals most impacted by food injustice must have channels to influence, shape, manage and control the solutions for their communities.  Far too often, those with the most lived experience of food insecurity are not a part of building or running the programs designed to “serve” them. We believe that the only impactful and sustainable solutions are the ones where those with most at stake have a stake from the start.

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Market Champions

A group of Produce Plus customers who are hired to support farmers' markets in their neighborhoods each summer. Market Champions do "community in-reach" for the Produce Plus program and help markets grow as inclusive and welcoming spaces.

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Community Advocates

A training program that provides resources and support to residents with lived experience of food insecurity.



Farmer's Market Brigade

A fleet of volunteers who help to increase food access in D.C. by distributing Produce Plus checks at farmers markets across the city and in their neighborhoods.

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We co-convene the D.C. Farmers Market Collaborative, the Fair Food for All D.C. advocacy coalition, and the D.C. Farm to School Network