DC Urban Farming and Food Security Act of 2014

This act promotes urban farming and food security in DC by establishing incentives to encourage the use of privately-owned land for urban farming and community gardens.

Key features:

  • Benefits to landowners who use their land for agricultural purposes:

    • Awards a 90% tax abatement to landowners in DC whose land is used for agricultural purposes.

    • If a tax-exempt organization leases or otherwise uses its land for agricultural purposes, it is still eligible to retain its tax-exempt status.

Next Steps:

The District Department of Parks and Recreation is currently finalizing regulations with the Office of Tax and Revenue to implement the tax abatement in FY2016, which was funded up to $400,000 in abatements. The zoning commission needs to approve and recognize urban agriculture. Those interested can make comments to support the zoning commission’s ongoing regulations review here.

To learn more:
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