FEED DC Act of 2010

The FEED DC Act of 2010 creates a Grocery Store Development Program that provides assistance and incentives for development and renovation of grocery stores in areas of the city that have limited access to healthy food. The act also creates a Healthy Food Retail Program to help small grocers sell fresh produce and other healthy foods.

Key Features:

  • Grocery stores in eligible areas of the city may apply for grants, loans, federal tax credits, etc. as well as technical assistance to support their development.

  • Retailers interested in building or renovating grocery stores in eligible areas may receive assistance from the District’s “grocery ambassador.” This person will provide research and data on areas that lack sufficient grocery access; coordinate with relevant District agencies and public utilities; provide assistance with obtaining and expediting regulatory procedures and approvals; and assist with other activities as needed.

  • Establishes the Healthy Food Retail Program, which will assist corner stores, farmers markets, and other small food retailers in their development through grants, loans, federal tax credits, equipment, technical support, and/or other forms of financial assistance.

  • The District Department of the Environment will develop energy efficiency tools and resources to help corner stores reduce operating costs.

Next Steps:
This legislation has been funded and implemented. However, regular evaluation is necessary to ensure that this legislation is effectively increasing access to healthy food in DC’s low-income communities and that the programs are effecting each Ward of the city in an equitable way.

To learn more:
View the entire legislation here. 
Learn more about the FEED DC Act of 2010 on DC Hunger Solutions’ website.