DC Food Policy Council and Director Establishment Act of 2014

This legislation calls for the creation of a Food Policy Council that will work to increase food access and improve the District’s local food economy by promoting positive food policies. It also establishes a position for a Food Policy Director, who will oversee and collaborate on food policies and advocate for new food ventures in the District.

Key features:

  • Creates a Food Policy Council (FPC) comprised of 13 voting members from the community (equally representing the public, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors) and 10 non-voting members from designated government agencies

  • Annual evaluation of city food policies and progress:

    • The FPC will write an annual report that assesses the current state of food access and the local food economy in DC. This report will also recommend policy changes.

  • Creates the position of Food Policy Director, who will:

    • Work with existing agencies to strengthen the local food system

    • Collaborate with Sustainable DC and create plans to meet Sustainable DC’s food goals

    • Seek grants and partnerships with organizations working to promote food access and local food economies

    • Represent the FPC outside of DC

Next steps: This legislation must be funded. The cost of implementation is $109,000 over the first year and $462,000 over four years.

To learn more:
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