The Healthy Schools Act of 2010

The Healthy Schools Act of 2010 was a landmark piece of legislation designed to improve the health, wellness, and environmental literacy of students attending D.C. public and public charter schools.

Key features:

  • Makes school meals more affordable

    • Makes breakfast free to all students

    • Covers the cost of reduced-price meals (40 cents) so students can eat for free

  • Encourages schools to serve food that is healthy and local

    • Provides 10 cents/day/meal at breakfast and lunch for meals that go beyond national nutrition standards (more whole grains, a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, less fat, and less sodium)

    • Provides an extra 5 cents/day/meal that serves a locally-grown, unprocessed food

    • Requires that foods vended, sold at fundraisers, or given as prizes meet the USDA’s Healthier US Schools Challenge gold level

  • Encourages school gardens and outdoor learning experiences

    • Establishes a school garden program that grants funds to schools for garden creation and maintenance

    • Establishes an Environmental Literacy Plan to integrate environmental education into K-12 curricula.

Current Status: This legislation is effective as of August 2010.

To learn more:
View the DC Healthy Schools website and OSSE’s Healthy Schools Act resources.