School Garden Market Program

A School Garden Market is a student-run farm stand located on school property and managed by staff of that school. SGMs offer schools an exciting opportunity to engage community members in the school garden, create a healthy food access point and fundraise to support food education and garden programming! Each School Garden Market is unique and based on the needs and resources of a school’s community and youth.

If you are interested in starting a market at your school, you can contact David Lazere at


How it works

Depending on where your school is located, we partner you with one of two food hubs, The Common Market and Community Foodworksboth of which purchase directly from farmers in the mid-Atlantic region to provide fresh from the ground local produce at wholesale prices. This makes it financially possible for schools around the city to run profitable School Garden Markets using a combination of school garden produce and items purchased from these organizations.

The Fall season typically runs mid September through early December, while the Spring season typically runs mid April through early June. Check out our Fall 2018 Season Overview.

There is a wide variety of produce available each week including staples such as kale, collards, onions, potatoes, herbs, beets, mushrooms, and seasonal items such as squash, apples, spring onions, peppers, peaches, pears, and berries. Occasionally, there will be value added products such as apple or pumpkin butter on offer.

What can you expect from DC Greens?

  • Educational assistance – we provide assistance around marketing, advertising, logistics, a School Garden Market Handbook, a large weatherproof banner, and educational resources. You are also more than welcome to attend our free, bi-monthly professional development workshops centered on food education. More info here.

  • Technical support – we are on call throughout the farmers market season to troubleshoot and provide assistance as needed.

  • Market visits – we make sure to visit every new market at least once over the course of a season.

What do we expect of you?

  • Appoint one “market manager" who is responsible for making sure the market runs, and who will act as our primary point of contact.

  • Work with students at your school to run a weekly farmers market for the duration of the season.

  • Conduct advertising and outreach to make sure your school community is aware of the market.

  • If you are purchasing produce through us, you must order the weekly minimum of $30.

  • Report dollars and lbs sold each week as well as customer numbers and information through DC Greens’ market totals form.

  • Attend the School Garden Market orientation.

To learn more or start a market at your school, contact David Lazere at