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We believe that our schools can be powerful drivers for food justice - both in terms of what is taught and what is served.  We work to put food education on the menu in every classroom, supporting teachers to fully integrate food education into the standard curriculum.  We also work to put environmentally sustainable food into the cafeterias, supporting city officials and convening farm to school partners.   

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Trellis Program

A professional development support system, resources and network for teachers to help them maximize their school gardens and integrate food education into the standard curriculum. 


School Garden Markets

Students sell produce from their school garden and local farms, creating healthy and sustainable fundraisers for their school garden programs. Start one at your school today!

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School Food

We support DCPS Food and Nutrition Services as a policy thought partner on procurement practices, and a conduit to community feedback.


DC Farm to School Network

We are the Washington DC core partner to the National Farm to School Network, convening local educators, nonprofits, food service providers and farmers to build a stronger and healthier school food system in the nation’s capital.