Sustainable DC

Comprehensive citywide movement to address economic, environmental and health issues in the DC area.  Holistic sustainability goals were set in 2011 to achieve certain targets by 2032. Many efforts below are in progress alongside the other legislation in this document, however other areas continue to require initiation and development.

Key goals related to DC food policy:

By 2032 have 20 additional acres of land for growing food.

  • Adopt sustainable urban agriculture legislation and update zoning codes
  • Evaluate DC land and rooftops to find optimal agriculture spaces and display them online
  • Install educational gardens at 50% of DC Public Schools and partner with non-profit /community groups to maintain them outside of the school year
  • Identify public areas to plant fruit & nut trees in 5 acres of DC
  • Develop system of pop-up agriculture

By 2032 ensure 75% of residents live within 1/4 mile of healthy and affordable food supplies

  • Healthy Corner store expansion: piloted in 30 local stores in Wards 5,7 and 8
  • Double Dollars program: expand it to farmers market and corner markets
  • Create more permanent healthy food and education programs in public schools
  • Increase food label transparency
  • Create “food buying clubs” where people buy healthy food together in bulk, for a lower unit price

By 2032 produce/obtain 25% of food within a 100-mile radius

  • Comprehensive study of DC’s food system
  • Support local small & mid sized business by creating a Local Food Hub and encouraging government and institutional consumption of local food
  • Designate staff for the new Food Policy Council built by nonprofits and healthy food advocates

To learn more:
Read the Sustainable DC Plan.