In order to accept Produce Plus checks, you must be authorized by DC Health to accept WIC & Senior FMNP which provide women, infants and children who participate in the WIC program and seniors who participate in the Commodity Supplemental Food Program checks that can be exchanged for eligible foods by authorized farmers in the district.

Vendors who are approved for the WIC and Senior FMNP are also approved to accept the WIC Cash-Value-Check, Produce Plus, and benefits from matching programs.

New vendors to the program need to:

  1. Complete the vendor application

  2. Complete the vendor agreement (valid for 3 years)

  3. Attend an in-person training at the Department of Health (899 North Capitol Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002).

Vendors who participated in the program in 2016 and 2017 need to:

  1. Complete the vendor application

  2. Complete an on-line training (available soon!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to apply for these programs?
If you meet these criteria, you are.

May I only apply to the Produce Plus Program?
No. All farmers who receive Produce Plus must also be certified to accept WIC and Senior FMNP (Jessie Lupo at at to receive the application form).

What is my “PPP Farm Number” or “Farm Number”?
If you are a new applicant, this number will be provided to you AFTER you apply. Please leave the box blank. If you are a returning participant in the program, this number is on file with the DC Department of Health.

How else can I get involved?
If you’re interested in developing a relationship with a school either for procurement, field trips, or anything else, please contact Lea Howe, our Farm to School Director, at

Market Managers

2018 Produce Plus distributor application has closed. Please check back during the next application season in March 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the DC Farmers Market Collaborative?
To join the DC Farmers Market Collaborative, please contact

The D.C. Farmers Market Collaborative was convened in 2006 by D.C. Hunger Solutions to increase access to fresh produce for low income residents. Since then the D.C. Farmers Market Collaborative has seen a rapid expansion in the number of farmers’ markets in the city, from 25 in 2006 to 45 in 2015, and with it an expansion in access. Today more than 40 of the city’s farmers’ markets accept SNAP and more accept WIC and Senior benefits!

The D.C. Farmers Market Collaborative is co-convened by D.C. Hunger Solutions and D.C. Greens and works on a variety of issues, including increasing fresh food access and partnering with city leaders and government agencies to support farmers’ markets in D.C.